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Anne, Bill, HeidiPlatinum Holiday Publications is a family owned and operated business located in Fredericton New Brunswick.  Bill and Anne Maxon have teamed together over 15 years now to produce a variety of showcase publications featuring Maritime people and destinations.

David Maxon is the layout and design specialist for Platinum Holiday.  He has been working with Adobe InDesign since he was 14 years old and now, in his thirties, is incredibly adept with his tools and products.

All of Platinum Holiday Publications, magazines are supported through local and regional vendors and service providers.  Naturally the motivation is to profile their own businesses and yet there is a healthy Maritime pride that brings them to the table as well.

Currently, P.H.P is offering their magazines in digital, interactive format as well.  This will allow advertisers the option of embedded video, website links and downloadable coupons for customers.

If you know of a business that is not represented in our publications, we would be happy to contact them.  If you are a vendor or service provider and would like additional interactivity in the digital versions of our magazines, please fill out the contact form on the designated page.

Perhaps, you have been one of our “readers” over the years.  If you’d like notice at the release of new publications or wish to follow our monthly blog, please fill out the contact form on the Contact Us page.

Bill, Anne and David